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New Business Developer North America
Nouveau développeur commercial en Amérique du Nord
New Business Developer North America

New Business Development (North America) Expert Wanted

Expert du développement des affaires (Amérique du Nord) Waceted

New Business Development (North America) Expert Waceted

Imagine a world where everyone wants to be more professional in order to be a better person and achieve their goals.

This is what we do and we need your support.

If so, we have the perfect place for you .

At Arsenal Tire Performance Tech, we support being more seasoned professionals, and safely going #Beyond with fewer tires through our Arsenal tires and their performance technologies.

We are looking to hire a New Business Developer North America to join our team and help Arsenal to be a guide for those customers who decide to find effective solutions on their tires and… Be Professionals!

Ce n'est pas le travail de bureau typique. Notre équipe AAA s'est engagée, fonctionne avec passion en personne et virtuelle, mais collabore intensément. La conception du style de vie est flexible mais la culture est un rythme rapide. Nous considérons notre travail comme une "grande mission" et nous nous efforçons d'atteindre l'excellence dans tout ce que nous faisons.

We are looking to hire a New Business Developer North America to join our AAA team and help Arsenal be a guide for those feisty customers who choose to find effective tire solutions and go #Beyond!

If on the inside you're saying "This is my dream job!" please continue…

Our new New Business Developer will expand the IMPACT of the Arsenal brand by going hand in hand with our clients and operations teams in creating and implementing strategies to attract, incorporate and develop important accounts to our community and do so in an emotionally engaging way through excellent organization and reliability

Notre nouveau développeur de nouvelles entreprises élargira l'impact de la marque Arsenal en allant de pair avec nos clients et équipes opérationnelles dans la création et la mise en œuvre de stratégies pour attirer, intégrer et développer des comptes importants à notre communauté et le faire dans une organisation émotionnelle de somotion et une fiabilité

Our New New Business Developer Will Expand the Impact of the Arsenal Brand By Going Hand In Hand With Our Clients and Operations Teams In Creating and Implementing Strategies to Attract, Incorporate and Develop Importent Accounts to Our Community and Do So In An Emotional Somotion Organization and Reliability

You are the SUPERSTAR we are looking for if…

You are HUNGRY AND MORE ENCOURAGED to learn, grow and always go #MoreAllá

You are flexible and resilient when faced with rapid demands on your attention.

Your friends and family often describe you as empathetic and confident.

You are not afraid to express your own opinions to make something better.
You find it easy to empathize with others.

You enjoy helping people and satisfying their needs in a creative way.

You have high standards for your work.

You are highly motivated with self-drive and a fast learner.

You have a "solve it" attitude about any new project or task that you haven't done before.


Deliver a WOW experience to our prospects and customers by being responsible for:
° Prospecting important american accounts
° Helping them become members of the Arsenall community
° Reactivating accounts
° Supporting the development of existing accounts

Offrez une expérience WOW à nos prospects et clients en étant responsables de:
° Prospecter les comptes américains importants
° Les aider à devenir membres de la communauté d'Arsenall
° Reactiving Comptes
° Soutenir le développement des comptes existants

Deliver a wow experience to Our Prospects and Customers by Being Responsible for:
° Prospecting Important American Accounts
° Helping Them Become Members of the Arsenall Community
° Reactivating Accounts
° Supporting the Development of Existing Accounts

No day will be the same... You certainly won't be bored!

Previous experience as New Business Developer North America would be very useful
° Laptop y acceso a Internet requerido.

L'expérience antérieure en tant que nouveau développeur commercial en Amérique du Nord serait utile
° ordinateur portable et accès Internet requis.

Previous Experience as New Business Developer North America Would Be Vley useful
° Laptop and required Internet access.

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