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Tires for motor grader Arsenal Savers provide the best life and best cost per hour.

We have options for:

  • perations that required cut and break thru resistance  in L5    ( Arsenal XDL5 )

  • Aggressive middle term operations where there is more E3 / L3 speed required ( Arsenal XLK3 )

  • Demanding operations but not as demanding as the previous ones in G2 / L2 intermediate term where there is more speed E3 / L3 ( Arsenal Xterra )


Arsenal Tire Sensors will help the operator visualized from the cabin the pressure and temperature in real time at all times. And send through the cloud , to dispatch / traffic / maintenance, the information that will ensure the tires have the right pressure and temperature and, if need will repair or cool the tire one is convenient  increasing the availability of the vehicle (reduce dead time) and save the great investment that your tires are.

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