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Arsenal Tires for Haul Trucks bring the best life and cost per hour.

We have options for:

  • Severe operations with a lot of sharp stone, water, slipping, a lot of weight and operation output due to side cuts we have the solution on the " crowfoot " floor ( Arsenal XMD )

  • Operations with hight weight with a little less intensity than the previous one but VERY demanding and also in the directional axis we have our mix flouring services (on and off-road) ( Arsenal XMT )

  • Operationswhere moving in the highway as required we have our directional tire and ( Arsenal XHT ) for grip( Arsenal XHD )


The Arsenal Steel and Ultralight Wheels allow you to have the versatility of having a standard iron wheel ( Arsenal Steel ) or an aluminum one ( Arsenal Ultralight ) that is used in operations where it is necessary to reduce the total weight of the vehicle, cool the braking system or have more resistance in the load (being forged aluminum rim in one piece)


Arsenal Tire Sensors will help the operator visualized from the cabin the pressure and temperature in real time at all times. And send through the cloud , to dispatch / traffic / maintenance, the information that will ensure the tires have the right pressure and temperature and, if need will repair or cool the tire one is convenient  increasing the availability of the vehicle (reduce dead time) and save the great investment that your tires are.

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